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next up: Patient Centered Technology 4/26

Next week, on Friday 4/26, I'll be speaking at RichTech's Health Forum. I'm talking about the rise of patient-centered technology. More info and registration here


Title: Patient Centered Technology — how smart phones and the web are empowering patients and changing healthcare

In March 2013, Dr. Eric Topol gave Stephen Colbert a complete physical…with his iPhone. The web and connected devices have proven to be disruptive technologies and healthcare is no exception. Today, an increasing number of patients have access to some or all of their medical records through Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs). Smart devices, mobile apps and fitness gadgets also allow people to collect an unparalleled amount of self-generated health data. You can even get a DNA profile for less than than it costs to fill up an SUV.

What does all this mean for patients and the future of healthcare delivery? We’re already seeing a shift. Some call it consumerism, and sometimes it is referred to as mHealth (mobile health) or eHealth (electronic health). Often these terms are spoken about in conjunction with participatory medicine.

We'll will examine where we’ve been with patient-facing technology in healthcare, where we are today and where we are headed. It will include discussions around EHRs, the quantified self movement and the future of the doctor/patient relationship as influenced by technology.

Celebrating One Year of HCSM - changing healthcare through social media

On Sunday, January 17th, as a group we celebrated the one year birthday of #HCSM (pronounced "HIC-sum" by those in the know). The event was a special 2 hour chat that included a first ever live audio component. Lee Aase, Director of Syndication (and social media) for the Mayo Clinic and Dana Lewis moderated. Seven participants, I was proud to be one, spoke with Lee and Dana on the state of and future of social media in healthcare. You can listen to the event via the player below or download it as a podcast into iTunes. Thanks to all those who participated:

And a special thanks to the producers of the event:

Finally, and to reiterate what I said at the top of my segment in the audio cast, thank you to the #HCSM community. In the last year we have laid the ground work that is changing the face of healthcare. Every day this group comes up with new ways to improve the patient experience. After all, we are all patients.