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All the cool kids are doing it

#SMCRVAThe 2nd official Social Media Club of Richmond VA met recently. There has already been a lot written about the event. For the sake of those in attendance I will not pile on the information overload. For the sake of those who could not make it, please find a list of posts from others below. For me the biggest take away was the legitimacy of social media. That is to say, when you gather with 200 other like minded people the theory yields to reality. I was left with a real confidence that we are right - this is the future of communication. In a way its like this generation's version of the 1960s - a group of people gathered together with a genuine interest in a common good and changing the world.

It made me realize, there are two types of people in the world: Those who Twitter, <this space intentionally left blank>

Here are some of the great posts regarding the SMCRVA event (various viewpoints)

Jon's PR 1.5- @jonnew

Read Write Web - @jolieodell

MattOnFire - @mattjh2

The Checkout Girl - @thecheckoutgirl

And, NBC news was there:


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