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Hopping around - post op day 5

back to workJust a quick update - five days after surgery, things are on the mend. I think it is safe to say that I underestimated the recovery from the ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair. Thursday, Friday and Saturday (days 1, 2, and 3) were spent in bed with little or no mobility. It was during physical therapy on Monday that things seemed to round the corner. While the joint has started to calm down, I have also gotten better on crutches. Perhaps its taking a few more risks in the form of a hop or two. I have been able to get back to the office and am returning to a somewhat normal schedule.

I consider myself a fairly well informed patient. A few weeks ago I wrote about the process of finding a surgeon. I attributed a good deal of that research to working in and being connected with the healthcare industry. I thought I had asked the right questions, made the right calls and done my homework. And frankly, for the decisions I had to make, I was well informed. However, I was not fully prepared for the recovery and post-op recovery.

Since then, I have rediscovered the Mayo Clinic's online health library. Mayo has made a name with its health library, licensing the content to other providers and sites (which is how I had first come across the site). It is a wonderful resource for anyone doing research on a health-related issue.

As the pain lessons, I am pushing through with physicial therapy. I am in good hands and expect to be walking again in a few weeks.