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Could the new iPhone improve patient-centeredness?


On episode 423 of This Week in Tech, Robert Scoble discusses Apple’s new iBeacon protocol.

iBeacon uses bluetooth low energy to both identify devices to one another and allow smart phones to hone in on a signal.

Scoble, at roughly 1:01:00 (no direct link, sorry), discusses his secret plan to place iBeacon-like technology around his local Ritz Carlton hotel. The idea is to allow the door man, bartender and others to recognize Scoble and others by their phone and greet them accordingly. The usual Mr. Scoble?

What if hospitals and clinics used iBeacon technology? What if that meant never having to get lost inside the maze of a hospital, because your phone could follow beacons? What if the doctor’s office knew you were there in time for your appointment just by walking in the door? No more sign in sheet.

And, given Apple’s new fingerprint security features, how long before we never have to fill out a stack of forms on a clipboard? Maybe taping our phone, watch or other device on a special “registration” spot would take care of everything.

And maybe, just maybe, our medical records would live in our personal clouds, following us, rather than scattered between each different healthcare provider we see.

Fast forward to 1:01:00 for the discussion on iBeacons.