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Pork Project - its back, for real this time

There are a few truths in life – death, taxes, jackalopes, freedom and the equality of all humans. Ponder that list, study it. Notice what is missing? Bacon. Maybe its sausage, maybe its a nice pate or a pickled trotter; regardless it is time to liberate our swine. Proclaim porcine freedom! What am I blathering on about? Let us go back more than 2 years ago to the Pownce social network (RIP). Those were the early days when we waxed on into the morning hours about the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of pork. We heard the call to arms with the first Pownce Pork Project (again, RIP). The concept was simple – make bacon as a group. We voted on everything from the spiciness of the cure to the wood it was smoked over. In the end we rattled the foundations of commercial pork production by auctioning off a luscious slab of salty bacony goodness. Whomever made the biggest donation to a food related charity got to…well…take home the bacon. The winner was @surlyshirley.

It is time once again crusaders of cochon to take up arms. We must not go gently into the factory produced, chemically cured BLT. Let us stand up together and say “We demand open source pork!”

Over the coming weeks we will resurrect the hoggett mission. Follow @nickdawson – help plan the next Open Source Pork Project. I will be asking YOU what part of the pig to lop off, how to treat it and in the end, it will once again come to a food related charity auction. So spread the word – let free pork reign and don’t miss your chance to get in on the action!