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Susan Dawson featured: Summer camp for business kids | USA TODAY College

The awesome work of my amazingly talented wife featured in USA Today's College publication:

Susan Dawson, a training specialist from Genworth Financial gave a presentation that ran through the events each student had attended, goading them to spill what they had learned with tacky prizes of beer cozies and datebooks. She awarded points for connections made, cards received, coffee dates secured, and follow ups sent.


Before dinner, Macewan had called Q-Camp “life-changing.” When Dawson announced that Joe led all the top 120 business students at the university in points, Q-Camp really started to change his life. He had awoken, but was just beginning to emerge.

via Summer camp for business kids | USA TODAY College.

Elsewhere: Important advice from Dr. Bottles – culture change important in health reform

Nick's Note: part of my attempt to be a better curator of content in places other than Twitter; below is a snippet from this fantastic post from Dr. Kent Bottles. It is a must read for anyone in healthcare communications and administration.

Hospitals Need To Focus On Culture In Order to Be Able to Survive in an Era of Accountable Care Organizations and Medicaid Reimbursement Rates


In attending conferences and working with hospital CEOs, I have found that there is more emphasis on the technical tasks that need to be accomplished in order to form an Accountable Care Organization than on the culture such a change will require. I have heard a lot of keynotes filled with power point slides on defining the role and reporting structures for newly formed physician leadership teams; creating system-wide operational councils; and specific legal structures of ACOs so they can accept and distribute global payments. These are all important technical tasks, but they will fail if the culture does not change too.