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Big changes, as told through 80s sitcom intros


Remember on Inside the Actor’s Studio when host James Lipton would end with that questionnaire? One of the questions was always What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I’ve always been conflicted about how I’d answer that one. Part of me really wishes I was a physicist or, if I were born 50 years earlier, a ex-pat writer. But there’s also a huge part of me that really wanted to be the guy who composed and directed the intros to 80’s sitcoms. I know, right? Cool job! You can't have it, I called it first.

I’ve got some news to share. I racked my brain and fumbled through three other drafts based around metaphors like skiing moguls, planting a garden and something having to do with cooking brussels sprouts. Trust me, you don’t want to be inside my head. So, I says to myself, self, how would you tell yourself this news? And with that recursive thought, I give you this…

Show me that smile…

Five years ago, I was burning out. I loved my work as a hospital performance improvement consultant. I was living the jet set life, a new town every week. First class, free drinks, and all the non-peanut snack mix you can eat. What they don’t tell you is that whether the Ritz or the Motel 8, every hotel has a white popcorn celling and none of them is home.

I got lucky and joined an amazing health system. I’ve been fortunate to call Bon Secours my professional home for the last five years. During that time, I was exposed to a top preforming organization and had the opportunity to work with some fantastic folks. Bon Secours gave me the opportunity to grow my career, peruse an advance degree and serve on national boards. It’s been an amazing run for someone relatively early in their career.

Standing tall…

Recently, I was offered the chance to grow my career by tackling some new challenges at a new organization.

In a few weeks, I’ll leave Bon Secours and join the team at Augusta Health in Fishersville Virginia.

Augusta, in addition to being a two time Top 100 hospital, is a place with a great, compelling culture. I’m going to have the opportunity to work with system leaders, physicians and a cadre of clinical areas to create and lead some new services.

This will be cool stuff! The areas of focus include the kinds of things we hope will off set costs and improve quality for the community and regional employers. How fun is that?

I’m from Melmac

Ok, I might be a tad scared. This is new territory.

But I’m confident I’m building on a pretty strong base. I’ve had some great teachers, have been in high-octane roles and will continue relationships with strong mentors.

Moving on up

Along with the job change, Susan and I will be relocating to somewhere in the Charlottesville area.

We’re sad to leave Richmond which has been home for more years than I can remember. The good news is we won’t be going far! We hope our friends and family will think of this, not as losing Richmond friends, but as gaining a Charlottesville outpost. Did I mention all the microbreweries nearby? See, you already want to visit don’t you?

New Adventures

Susan and I are looking forward to this change. This is an exciting next phase in our lives.

See, isn’t everything better when told through 80’s sitcom intros?

Finally, and apropos of absolutely nothing in this post, you can’t tell me the Mr. Belvedere theme isn’t the best of them all. With luck, it will be stuck in your head now as long as it’s been in mine.