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Social Media Metric Dashboard

It is an anathema, the taboo topic of the healthcare social media circles;  they are three little letters that can cause more angst than almost any other aspect of planning and deploying a social media strategy - ROI.

There, I said 'em.

Regardless of your feeling on metrics and ROI, they are a topic that will continue to crop up. Having a way to track interactions and participation in social media seems to be a reality for any healthcare organization. One of the ways to address ROI is by monitoring trends in interaction. While there is some subjective work in determining what constitutes a positive vs negative interaction, the results are solid enough when presented over time. If French is the language of love then spreadsheets are surely the language of management.

Below is a link to the dashboard spreadsheet that my organization is using. It is homegrown and inspired in part by conversations with Dana Lewis.


SM Metrics Template 20090930 - Excel

Google Spreadsheet Version

The template is in MS Excel 2003 format, and there is a link to a Google Spreadsheet version as well. It is distributed under the creative commons license as follows: Creative Commons License SM Metrics Template by Nick Dawson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.