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an evening of comfort cuisine

Usually when I write about comfort food, I am writing about simple food; the kinds of things that remind us of home and grandma. A few days ago I posted the menu that was mailed to a group of diners who had 'won' a meal as part of a charity auction. On the outset it looks a lot the kinds of foods I am using waxing on about. But the names of the dishes was where that similarity ended. As meals go, this one was over the top, a tasting menu based (mostly) around classic American foods. Our guests started with a "BLT" cocktail of bacon vodka, lettuce ice and cherry tomatoes. We paired that with a cherry tomato that had been confited in bacon fat, topped with house pickled carrot, black truffle and sea salt.

Once seated, the diners progressed through the menu below - from a rich uni bisque, some 'molecular gastronomy' inspired concoctions, a classic preparation of foie gras paired with some southern accents and finishing with rich pork and beef courses. It was a tour de force for both diners and chefs.

Comfort Cuisine menu details

The pictures below are from the courses before they went out to the dining room. You can find all the pictures in their full size glory, as well as a video of the uni preparation on flickr. I am looking forward to posting some more details as well as info on the charity event that led to the evening of food.

so it begins...

...and so it begins. This menu was mailed out to the wonderfully generous and woefully complacent donors who bid on and won a catered meal for this weekend. There may be a few tricks in store. I'll post the detailed menu and photos after the event. Wish us luck and send some virtual condolences to our diners!