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Elsewhere: Bar or Hospital - it’s people. You have to get to know people. Relationships. Take care of them

In my growing elsewhere series, I've been highlighting content from other sources online. You know, curating, as the hip social media types say. Last week, the LA Times reported that 'hospitals are looking more like luxury hotels'. The article says that a report found that, to patients, the non clinical experience mattered twice as much as the clinical experience. I call it patient experience. In healthcare, it means how we care for someone's complete needs - emotional, clinical, spiritual, etc. Sometimes it is as simple as spotting the guest who needs directions and walking them to the right place. Sometimes it means giving a hug, or sitting and listening. In the end, it is about people taking care of people.

So what do a bar and a hospital have in common? How you treat people is how people will think of you. I'm proud to call An Bui, "Chief Beer Officer" at Mekong in Richmond a friend. I'm proud to call him a friend because he treats me like a friend. An's special gift is treating everyone he meets like someone special, getting to know them and providing the best service he can, every time. This week, is profiling An -- the quote below typifies An and his approach to service. It also shows his affinity for and success with extending his style of service outside the four walls of Mekong using social media.

It’s people. You have to get to know people. Relationships. Take care of them. We’re not perfect. We know we can always improve. But people who come back to us, we always try to take care of. For me, I’m happy. I like people to be happy. At bar, I do my best to keep people happy. Pour good beer, talk to people like family or at least very good friend.

I’m a beer lover. I say Mekong is for beer lovers. We welcome beer lovers and create new beer lovers by focusing on great beer. That’s why I have a lot of friends on Facebook. I love Facebook. Anyone can friend me who has come into Mekong. I enjoy happy friend. Make good recommendations, too. Also, good customers and friends who tell other people about our food and beer and how we get to know you. We have great customers out there who visit us all the time and tell others and post on Facebook and Twitter.