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From Elsewhere: H&R Block using retail locations for insurance exchange enrollment

About to be the least authoritative speaker at Apple's medical event tonight

Writing in Modern Healthcare, Jonathan Block pins: Reform Update: H&R Block, online insurance broker team up to sell health plans

The GoHealth platform will be available through H&R Block both online and over the phone nationwide beginning Oct. 1, said Michael Mahoney, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Chicago-based GoHealth.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

In a separate development, H&R Block on Wednesday said as part of a pilot program, it would have health insurance agents in its tax offices in Arizona to assist with choosing and enrolling in a plan.

Is this really all about the physical footprint of H&R Block’s stores?

It’s not news that funding communication around the rollout of PPACA and health exchanges as been challenge for CMS. What is a problem for the government could be an opportunity for private industry like H&R Block.

In the age of Quicken and TurboTax, its hard to imagine that H&R Block gets as much bang for the buck out of their many physical locations as they once did. By offering in-person health insurance exchange enrollment, they might have found a niche to pull people back in.

What’s next, FedEx and UPS to follow? Maybe Apple could leverage their Genius bar for insurance advice… or, maybe not.