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Announcing the First Medicine X ePatient Q&A

Post event updateIf you are here, you should really be here, on the Medicine X site.

But, since you are here, you should consider following this link to apply for a 2013 ePatient scholarship. Who should apply? Anyone who has ever gone online or sought out a community to feel more empowered, engaged, educated, or supported. Hint: you.

You can find the video of the panel on the Medicine X YouTube page here.

March 3/6 Update

Watch the live stream on Stanford Medicine X's YouTube Channel, or on this page (the video will appear when the Q&A is live at 9p ET/ 6p PT.


Follow and participate in the twitter chat on Tweetchat, or by searching for and adding #MedXeP to your tweets.



What happens when Stanford brings together leading patients, researchers, doctors and silicon valley minds? Join some of 2012’s Medicine X ePatient scholars for a live Google Hangout and Tweet Chat to find out.

On March 6th, 2013, Chris Snider, 2012 ePatient Scholar and host of the Just Talking podcast, will moderate a panel discussion and live chat. The conversation will take place live in a google hangout and on twitter.

The goal of the conversation is to peel back the curtain on the Medicine X ePatient program. What are ePatients, who should apply, how does the application process work? What is it like to attend? How can one manage health concerns while at the conference? And, if you have questions of your own, the panel will be glad to address them.

The panel will also discuss a new track, being launched at Medicine X 2013: the Leadership Track.

The Leadership Track provides a unique opportunity for ePatients to attend Stanford Medicine X and further develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to become the next generation of ePatient leaders.

Meet the Panelists

The Details

What: Medicine X ePatient Q&A

Where: Google Hangout & Tweet Chat Google Hangout - you can view the hangout live on the Medicine X YouTube channel. NOTE: viewers will not be on camera, only the panelists will be shown (so it’s ok to show up in your PJs).

Tweet Chat: Simply search for and append #MedXeP to tweets. Alternatively, you can use a tweet chat service like

When March 6th 2013 at 9p–10p ET / 6p–7p PT

Then what? You apply to the Medicine X 2013 ePatient program!