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Crowdsourcing a DX - what's wrong with Nick's knee

Step right up ladies and gentleman. Step right up and see if you can win a prize. What you need to know:

  • Patient is a mid-30s male
  • 5'10'ish, 180lbs
  • Patient is athletic and in good shape despite his love handles.
  • Patient has prior history, both ACLs have been repaired for sports-related injuries
  • Patient presents resulting from injury on 7/25, states he heard and felt a pop when landing from box jumps in the gym
  • Patient reports little swelling, moderate pain and stiffness and mild instability
  • Patient does not report any joint locking
  • Patient prefers to be called Nick, not patient
  • I'm Nick, Hi!

MRI study: Here's your chance. For all the money (there is no money), and the grand prize (there may be a prize), what is Nick's diagnosis?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Once the official diagnosis is confirmed, I'll report back here and we can play the next round: "What treatment does Nick pursue?"