Its 2013. And we’re still talking about social media in healthcare like its a thing. I know, right?

Here’s the deal if you are still on the fence: Social media isn’t marketing. It’s not a strategic focus. It doesn’t require special guidelines. It’s just a different way to talk to someone.

You don’t do social media right…or wrong, for that matter.

What you do, is care about people the same way you would if they were in front of you.

In his latest Just Talking podcast Chris Snider speaks with Carly Medosch.

Self-Referential alert. (missing the old blink tags from the web circa 1998)

Around minute 8:30 Carly begins telling the story of how we met via a tweet.

Her experience from a few years ago —the first time I’ve heard her speak about it —is one of the most meaningful moments of in my career to date.

I took a few seconds to respond to Carly's tweet, via the hospital's account. I asked a colleague to check in on her —a sign of a great culture is a team who has each others' backs, no questions asked. Did we bend the cost curve or reduce readmissions? No. But we brought just a little more humanity to her visit.

It wasn't about social media. It didn't require a strategy and it wasn't part of a campaign.

Wonder what the ROI on that tweet was?