Doctors, nurses and administrators all get badges. You can tell a lot from someone’s badge. I prefer to be called Bob instead of Robert… Smile or no smile, our photos say a lot too.

And what about all those degrees and certifications? They are indicators of accomplishments and knowledge and often serve to endear trust. A brain surgeon with alphabet soup after their name is probably a pretty smart cookie.

What if patients had ID badges of their own? What might we convey in a small 4x3 square of plastic? And, for starters, how do we ensure they increase trust, empathy and dignity?

Erin Keeley Moore chimed in:

Another ePatient friend, who’s account is private and thus will remain anonymous here, suggests:

it would be nice to earn an honorary doctorate for my “field work” as a patient since age 13

What would your patient badge look like?

Would it have a playful photo, or a serious one?

Would you list your given name, or a nickname?

What areas are you an expert in?

What's missing or would make this better?