It's not surprising,  it happens to a lot of industries. Consumer devices and technology are making inroads where industry driven solutions are still struggling. People want access to health and fitness related data and so they are building their own solutions, outside of the provider-controlled walled garden. I suspect we'll see a time when all of this merges together - consumer solutions, medical device makers, provider EMRs, etc. However, for now, it's pretty clear that if you want to generate and control your own health related data, look towards the consumer space. This announcement with Withings, maker of the popular Wi-Fi Body Scale (I love mine), highlights what is happening in the consumer world. Providers have been using sales sales with modem connected to your phone line to monitor weight gain in patients with congestive heart failure for years. They cost big bucks and the data goes into a seeming blackhole. The Withings scale is less than $150 and the data is available via API with existing interconnects to services like RunKeeper, FitBit, and now MedHelp (which is new to me).

We have recently discussed the Withings Health Cloud that allows users to import data from RunKeeper and Zeo into their Withings dashboard. The development of the Health Cloud however does not mean that we have given up our policy of making it possible for Withings users to export their data to other websites, quite the contrary. In the past weeks, we have added several new names to the list of our partners, both for the body scale and for the blood pressure monitor. Today, we’d like to shed some light on one of those partners: MedHelp.

via Withings and MedHelp have formed a new partnership | Withings blog.