How fun is this?! RVA News, One of Richmond's best news/blog combos is at it again. After a successful and highly entertaining Garden Wars it is time for Super Punch. I'm excited as both a foodie and a participant (VOTE DAWSON!). This is all in good fun (seriously, vote Dawson) and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for the next 9 weeks. I'm joined by Sarah Bonkovsky, Jennifer Carnam and RVA News's own Ross Catrow. Don't let the cavalier attitude fool you - these are some serious contenders.

If this first week is any indication, the competition is going to be on like a pile of neck bones.

More than anything, I've loved having the impetus to get back into the kitchen. I've let my work-life balance pull me closer to the office desk than the stove lately; nothing like a friendly competition to turn up the heat.

This week I made an homage to Richmond's own Nate's Taco Truck. Self-dubbed "a mouth full of awesome", I cranked out some home cured chorizo and potato tacos with a pickled tomato salsa and cilantro slaw. I know what you are thinking, and yes, you can vote for me.

Read more (and vote Dawson) on RVA News

Via RVA News:

First, there was Garden Wars where three gentlemen engaged in an epic battle for agricultural supremacy. Now, there’s Supper Punch, an equally epic battle, but this time between four local food enthusiasts and the cuisine they lovingly put forth for consumption.

Each week, our competitors will submit two photos and a brief commentary (including ingredients and prep time) on a recently-completed dish of their choosing. You, our readers, will then declare a winner for the week by voting in the comments. Your vote can be based on whatever you like: creativity, good use of local products, what you want to put in your belly at that exact moment, whatever.

The competition will go on for a total of nine weeks. The winner will be awarded with glory and honor. And hopefully our readers will walk away with a little culinary inspiration.

More pictures here on my flickr page