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There are some parts of our lives which are so sublimely perfect we forget, if indeed we ever knew, how wonderfully perfect they are. Our earliest memories are filled with them and they still draw us near today. In fact, there is a good chance these morsels sit on the periphery of nearly all of our memories like the background of a slightly out of focus image, anchoring that memory to our psyche. Peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, a roast turkey or chicken noodle soup, butter on toast, bacon...eggs...bacon and eggs - these foods are all around us, and like groupie with a VIP pass, they can take us backstage to our own memories.

Whimsical and etherial as it may sound, simple foods are as important in our life as shelter or love. They at once satiate a basic human need and offer an expression of our desire to care for one another. The challenge we face today has many names: rosemary, shisho mustard crusted lamb in chocolate coffee demi coulis along side of Peruvian potato mash scented with Mexican mole. We have all been there. Sometimes it is in the form of its