Pownce Pork Project label question

While it may not sound like simple food, cured meats are in some ways as simple as cooking can get. We have been after ways to preserve food since the first cavemen bagged their first saber-toothed cat. Preserved food travels well, keeps a long time and lasts through long winter months. Today we cure meats for the enjoyment of the craft and the tastey results, but the process has not changed much at all.

Over on Pownce, the social network. I am gearing up for the 2nd Pownce Pork Project. The goal is simple - create an "open source sausage". Every day I am asking a new question about flavors or other choices that will result in a unique dried salumi. At the end, I'm going to give the cured sausages away. One way to secure some will be by making a donation to a food related charity in your area. There are some other plans in the works as well.

If you are interested in following the Pownce Pork Project, the best way is to join Pownce. You can also keep an eye on www.pownceporkproject.com for all the updates.