As part of my goal to present ideas on eating simplly and locally I want to highlight some the the heros of that movement. The following is my first "People who 'Get it'"

Many friends and associates have told me that getting fired at some point in their career was the best thing that ever happened to them. As a young cook Hugh Fearnly-Whittingsall was fired from fancy restaurant cookery more than once, and we are all better for it. After getting the oust from London kitchens, Hugh presented a successful BBC series titled "A Cook On the Wild Side" where he ate virtually everything he found while traveling around England - from road kill to wild oak wine. However, it was his series based around The River Cottage that really makes Hugh one of my food heros. After growing tired of London life, Fearnly-Whittingsall packed his family up and moved into a rustic cabin on a narrow bend of a country creek. His goal was simple; live locally of the land. The first season, titled Escape to River Cottage, documents his efforts to establish a garden, catch and cook wild eels, and hunt for country game. The show took off in the UK and continued to promote Hugh's brand of eclectic cookery. The wonderful result is that HFW was able to establish The River Cottage HQ (for headquarters) as a local restaurant and cooking school in Cornwall, England, UK, specializing in spectrally fresh and very local foods.

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Eventually Hugh purchased a farm and converted the quintessentially English stone barns into a school and bistro. At River Cottage HQ hugh raises his own organic vegetables and sources local seafood, game, pork, beef and poultry. River Cottage follows the HFW philosophy of eating close to home and doing so as simply as posable. Many dishes receive, what I call, the Mediterranean treatment of good olive oil, lemon and garlic - the hallmark treatment for almost any fresh ingredient. Watching Hugh go from city chef to gentile food-farmer is a powerful lesson for any foodie.

Until recently the entire River Cottage series was not available (legally) in the U.S. Fortunately for state-site readers, Escape to River Cottage is now available for purchase on Amazon Unbox. I cannot say enough about this series - if it does not leave you with a strong desire to embrace the bucolic simple lifestyle of a farming chef then perhaps nothing will.

Buy Season 1 of Escape to River Cottage from Amazon