How fun is this? My friend Carolyn has a great blog, Health Kitten, about her interest in food, exercise, her life... as she puts it: "living well in my own skin." For about as long as I've known Carolyn and her husband Tim, she has called me Mr. Bacon Man. It was an elegantly simple and apt moniker. I made bacon. That was part of the identity I had cultivated through hobbies and interests. It was, and still is, one of the things I struggle with giving up.

Rather than heckle my recent choice to give up my bacon loving ways, Carolyn kindly asked me to do an interview about this little vegetarian experiment of ours. It was a fun chance to reflect on some of the successes and challenges of what has become a big lifestyle change for Susan and I. It's on her site, here, along with our recipe for "faux buffalo burritos."