This last Memorial Day Weekend marked our 3rd annual Work Weekend. We were reminded of just how long we've been at this renovation thing...

The good news is that we are  nearing the end...really...seriously this time...I mean it

The modern touches in the bathroom and new TV nook in the bedroom made some of the older aspects of the room feel "dated" rather than "classic". We removed all the old floor trim and replaced it with something a little more inline with the decor of the room. We matched the door trim as well. We also started correcting the damage we inflicted on the floor by redoing about 1/3 of the room. 

Some people have asked for some before and after pics of the entire project. Since I lost a lot of the blog content that was on WordPress, I decided it was time to add a Home Remodeling section to the site. I've started putting up pictures from each phase of the project - many have not been online before. So take a look -just click the Home Remodel link on the right.

As always, you can find pictures from Work Weekend , and all of my other picts by clicking the Flickr link on the right.  

 door trim desk floor
new floor 1