door openGood news and bad news... we have mold. The good news is that I'm told its actually the good kind. The bad news is that to be on the safe side we having to wipe the sausages down with a brine solution almost every day. We also removed them from the wine"Salumeria" and wiped the inside down with a bleach solution. Our local butcher and curing expert says that its quite normal. My book is a little more pragmatic and suggests always wiping off mold and that anything fuzzy is bad. All the saucisson sec I've ever seen has had white mold outside, just like salami. As always, you can see more of the progress here on flickr. 

Check out a closeup of the mold here ... just remember that old addage about laws and sausage.  






door check out Suze's handy work on decorating the door. Apparently we are starting a business: 4405 Meats and Cheeses!