The big 3-0...shhh its a surprise

It’s time for Susan to face her biggest fear – for her doomsday will soon be here. Although she’s a little in denial, let’s help Susan ring in the big 3-0 with style. A surprise party is planned to help her prepare, we’ll kick the night off with a surprise at Lemaire.

It has happened! Susan has survived 30 trips around the sun. It is time to celebrate.

Join us for a surprise party at Lemaire, in the Jefferson Hotel, on Saturday February 30th. Susan's Birthday is Feb 25th. She won't see if coming the week before. Be sure to get there on time & head to the back of the bar area.


  • Saturday February 20th
  • 7:00pm (we'll arrive around 7:30)
  • Lemaire Resturant, in the Jefferson
  • A round or two and apps on me, grab a bite a Lemaire or beforehand
  • The plan is to spend the night on the town, we'll head out after Lemaire, destination yet to be determined.
  • Spouses/dates welcome

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