OLPC Information, more than anything else, will change the world. This is not the information age simply because everything starts with a lowercase i. I have a friend who jokes "Google knows everything", and he is right. Need a recipe for dinner, just search, need to know how to build a cold smoker - its online, need to know how to do surgery...well it may not be the best thing to learn online, but I bet its there.

We have come to take the abundance of information for granted. As little as ten years ago nearly everything outside of what we dubbed "common sense" was the domain of some specialist or expert. If you needed to know about the best restaurant in Paris, you bought a travel book (Its Cafe Balzar by the way). If you wanted to change a light switch, you called an electrician. Sure, the industrious out there might have visited the local library. Just think how different the world is today. You can no only Google the best restaurant in Paris (still Balzar) but you can communicate with locals and travelers from around the world about their opinions... all while eating potato chips on the couch.