Today's Pictures Moher of Ireland Hi Everyone…. This is Suze. So today we decided to head towards the Cliffs of Moher, not a far trip but a relaxing one. Our day started around 10:30 and to our excitement we didn’t get lost on our way to the Cliffs. We have finally figured out the secret to getting around Ireland…. Follow the signs to your destination. About a half an hour into our drive we found a neat little castle in Kinvarra. We decided to hop out of the car and explore for a while. We also had a nice little picnic lunch that we had packed. Kinvarra is definitely a neat town. On our way back to Galway we stopped in a local pub for a Guiness. The locals were quite fun. In the middle of the day there was a whole group of men playing poker and drinking…. Guiness. Continuing on our drive to the Cliffs we saw several rainbows.. I’m not talking about the little things that we call rainbows at home, I am talking about full fledged arching rainbows with the full ROYGBIV. The Cliffs of Moher were spectacular! Standing on a cliff looking over the edge of a country is a feeling hard to describe. To get to the Cliffs though you have to walk up a pretty large hill… not a problem going up in the cool but dry weather however it is a bit of issue when it starts to pour. Yes folks we are in Ireland and it rained on us, right as we arrived at the top of the Cliffs. By the time that we got to the back to the car we looked like two drowned rats….