the latest pictures Our trip up the Antrim coast culminated at the Giants Causeway. In this one particular inlet at the bottom of a step cliff the ocean floor has pushed up this perfectly octagonal pillars. Its really an amazing sight. However, we could only stay for about an hour as we still had a lot of road to cover. We sped past the Bushmills distillery and several quaint seaboard towns on our way to Londonderry. Londonderry is a moderately sized town in Northern Ireland which is known for its medieval city walls, which are still intact. We didn't spend quite a lot of time in Londonderry was we were anxious to really get out into the country, invigorated by our drive the day before. (we were also anxious to get back to the Republic where they use the Euro, not the pound). Sunday we drove from Derry (Londonderry if your a loyalist) to the sleepy seaside town of Westport. We went in search of oysters but came up empty handed. Nevertheless the town was very picturesque and worth the stop. We got into Galway last night and enjoyed mixing with the locals who were celebrating Halloween and the national holiday today. We took in some live music and, after an hour long search, found some amazing oysters. Sorry to keep it short, we are about to hit the road to see the Cliffs of Morh... check out the picture library!