Recently, I had the honor of being a guest on Chris Snider’s Just Talking podcast.

We spoke about how I got into healthcare, why I’ve stayed in healthcare and whats to come. Hint: 2013, the year of the ePatient.

I’m nothing if not self-deprecating, and I’m not ever sure why someone would want to listen to me drone on. But Chris has a way. He’s a great host and before I realized, we were getting into some deep stuff. So if you can put up with me for an hour, you’ll be rewarded by some great hosting and conversation with Chris.

We also spoke quite a bit about Stanford’s Medicine X program.

From the Just Talking site:

Nick Dawson, Chief Experience Officer for Frontier Health Consulting is my guest this week talking about the evolution of healthcare. We dig into Nick’s background and how a chance internship eventually defined his career path. Nick share’s his perspective on how technology has impacted and improved healthcare, the growth, adoption, and influence of social media on healthcare. And we talk about the rise of the fabled “ePatient” and what that means for future generations. Enjoy.

You can listen on the Just Talking site or subscribe via iTunes here.

Just Talking