Suze and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary last night. We decided to stay in and have a quite dinner. Of course, my definition of a quite and simple dinner may not exactly be normal...

I've decided to add a reciepees section to the site . To get things started I though I'd post the recipe for the "Lobster Breakfast" pictured above.

 See pictures of all the dishes here.

The Menu

  • Lobster Breakfast - lobster toasts with lobster cappuccino 
  • Sushi and sashimi of sea trout - served with pink salt and granny smith apple powder
  • Mi-cuit artic char and its "toro" - Artic char seared on the bottom then toasted with ponzu, garlic and ginger on top, served quite rare. Accompanied by its belly fat, or toro, topped with gray sea salt.