A few quick updates....

We are headed to Ireland for a long weekend next week - looking forward to seeing a good friend get married! We'll be in Dublin for a night then we are driving to County Cork for a few days, then flying out of Shanon. This is not our first trip, but I'd love some recommendations on sights and dining. In fact, why not post them as a comment!hexley

I've started a new site, SpaceBass.info   as a way to track all of my online profiles. In case you are wondering about the name (FYI, its Bass as in the musical instrument, not a fish), its something I've used for years on message boards, etc. I am coming around to the idea of having an "onlione reputation" that is just as important as your real reputation. With that comfort level, I am backing away from a lot of the anonymity that many people associate with a "screen name". Nevertheless, I've been using it so long, its ingrained in me when I sign up for anything online. 

Comments in beta... I've wanted a comment system for a while. I think I've finally found something that works fairly well with Joomla- the software I use to run this site. Just click the link below and let me know what you think about Ireland, the comments or anything. I'll be adding that link to each new post. You do not have to sign up for anything, but please pay attention to the "captcha" , or random numbers/letters at the bottom of the form. That's how the system knows you are human and not spam.