grafton st We made it to Dublin without any hiccups!

Dublin is a very neat town. Being Irelands capitol as well as its financial and cultural epicenter one would be tempted to think of Dublin as a "big city" and the truth is, its not. And thats the charm of Dublin.

 We are a little groggy - trying to power through the jet lag so I'll make this brief. 

 Picking up the car was uneventful, a pleasant change  from our last trip in 2005. I'm rather proud of myself in fact. We got straight on the (infamous) M1 moterway during morning rush hour and headed into downtown Dublin. The best part, I'm driving stick.... we'll get some pictures of that tomorrow, today required both Suze and I working in tandem to avoid incident. One question, who's bright idea was it to switch the blinker and wipers?

We grabbed a great meal of oysters, brown bread and Guinness off Grafton St (see the picture to the left) then walked around a bit. Next we set out to visit one of our fondest memories from our last trip, Sheridans Cheese Shoppe - a Mecca for any cheese lover like Suze. On our last trip we discovered the virtue of packing a picnic for driving days, so we had them pick out some amazing Irish cheeses (and some meat and a baguette) for our long trip to Cork tomorrow.

Finally, We ducked into our favorite pub, Dawson's Pub on Dawson St, for a pint before returning back to the hotel to rest.  Tonight we'll hit the Temple Bar area (where we are staying) for some of the local criac ... 

Pictures here