I've never had much artistic talent. It hasn't been for lack of trying. I've taken up several stringed instruments and although I'm not ready to call it quits on any of them, I never exactly mastered the open C scale either. However, I've always been slightly envious of great artists. They have in common are the risks of their ideas, their convictions to their success and the associated payoffs. When I saw this post on the great Bad Banana Blog- a site who's fantastically witty Twitter profile beguiles the design and art oriented site and makes one wonder if they are even connected - I was struck by a thought:

Give me the means to build my dream and I will

Looking at these images, there is not much practical value to the design of the Hergé Museme. I mean that in the truest definition of practicality, a crooked staircase is not the easiest to climb. Although, even given my green interest in design and architecture, I appreciate the art involved. There is something to Christian de Portzamparc who designed Hergé. Someone, maybe many people, gave de Portzamparc enough latitude, trust, money and faith to build his vision (and honor Hergé).

What would you do with enough latitude, trust, money and faith to build your vision? Do you have a dream that you could articulate and bring to fruition?

In the traditional sense most of us, and the same was probably true for Christian de Portzamparc, will need to prove ourselves over a series of small, incremental steps. To propose a radical idea, no matter how committed you are to it, is a risky thing. I love imagining both the confident creative "ah-ha" that de Portzamparc must have experienced juxtaposed against the frightful, risk that came with presenting this design.

I'm inspired by this building, its impracticality and its existence. It is someone's vision and to bring a vision this unique to reality deserves applause in itself. What great ideas go unfulfilled because someone doesn't present them, or worse, someone else is unreceptive? How many great things are built as the result of taking a chance on something seemingly risky?

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