On Sunday, January 17th, as a group we celebrated the one year birthday of #HCSM (pronounced "HIC-sum" by those in the know). The event was a special 2 hour chat that included a first ever live audio component. Lee Aase, Director of Syndication (and social media) for the Mayo Clinic and Dana Lewis moderated. Seven participants, I was proud to be one, spoke with Lee and Dana on the state of and future of social media in healthcare. You can listen to the event via the player below or download it as a podcast into iTunes. Thanks to all those who participated:

And a special thanks to the producers of the event:

Finally, and to reiterate what I said at the top of my segment in the audio cast, thank you to the #HCSM community. In the last year we have laid the ground work that is changing the face of healthcare. Every day this group comes up with new ways to improve the patient experience. After all, we are all patients.