I'm excited to share that starting in January 2011 I will be a Gopher! A university of Minnesota Gopher to be exact. I am starting an executive Masters of Hospital Administration program (MHA). Apparently, the first test involves seeing if I'm actually crazy enough to travel to the Twin Cities for a week in the middle of January. I am excited, nervous and a little stressed all at once (you'll be grateful to read that my online activity may decline for the next two years). The University of Minnesota program is well regarded- or at least it was until they accepted me. The executive MHA is a mix of on-campus and online work. I'll visit Minneapolis / St. Paul twice a year for two years. The rest of the coursework is done by podcast, online forums, video conference, etc. Pretty slick!

I chose UMN over a few other programs, one in particular with strong ties to many who are near and dear to me. It was not an easy choice.

With that bit of good news, if you see me standing around the snow covered streets of Richmond prepping for the winter onslaught that is Minnesota in January, wish me luck. Go Gophers!