Going home I’m blogging this entry from about 35,000 feet above the ground. I have a glass of Henroit 95 cuvee in one hand and a nice snack in the other (ok they are on a tray in front of me so I can type). All of this is possible thanks to the internet connection onboard SAS flight 943 from Copenhagen to Chicago. There is a bar and buffet we can visit any time and I can turn on Wedding Crashers with the push of a button on my remote control, a la TiVo. Really, this is the way to fly! We left Dublin this morning after a great trip. After our last update we hit the road to Cashel, a small town in the middle of the Republic known for its amazing castle, the Rock of Cashel. Whether by nefarious locals or mischievous leprechauns road signs were frequently turned around or covered. I prefer to think it’s those clever little fellows making sure their gold remains safe. Nevertheless it can be quite tricky to navigate. The drive was, quite naturally, beautiful and half the fun. Our rote took us through Limerick where I decided to express some frustration in verse. While driving in Ireland one must keep their whit Because those little leprechauns love to play tricks By moving road signs Or changing map lines Oh how I’d like to catch those little shits!!! To fully appreciate driving, think about your driveway, now put a 200 year old rock wall on both sides, touching the pavement (or gravel); Now put a lane line down the middle and drive it doing 75 miles per hour, and pass a truck, with a car coming right at you, in your own lane, also doing 75, watch out for the sheep crossing the road! The good news is that we did not have a repeat of Australia; the car, a Chevy Lancetti station wagon, came through unscathed. Thursday we said goodbye to Galway city and the west coast and trekked through the center of the country towards Dublin. We made a slight detour to Tullamore, home to Tullamore Dew whisky (sort of, the distillery has been moved to Coolin north of Dublin). I won’t belabor or bore anyone with the inside joke about Tullamore Dew, but lets just say in involved Philadelphia, some sky divers and a bet. I have to admit that Susan and I were pretty nervous driving into Dublin. Traffic was bad, but we made it with no problems. All in all our trip was a wonderful success!