As promised today at ExperiaHealth's Chief Patient Experience Round Table event, here's a quick link to the Together We Can Make It Better story  I'm looking forward to exploring some of the ideas from today —What an amazing group of people who are waist-deep in trying to make patient experience a top priority in healthcare!

Quickly, looking at my sketch notes, a few themes emerge:

  1. I cannot draw or write longhand at all — seriously, its embarrassing. Why would I post these images?
  2. We have to change our priorities - stop giving staff & patient experience lip service, while holding staff and providers accountable for metrics like volume, revenue and coding. We need to have the courage to do the [experience] work and make it a priority.
  3. Measurement counts, but are we measuring the right things on the right level? Maybe patient experience should be measured at the maverick level, not the global level.
  4. Vulnerability is essential
  5. Gratitude is the key to happiness