duckSince my saucisson sec didn't kill anyone  I thought I'd try my hand at  duck prosciutto.
Basically, duck prosciutto is just  salt cured duck breasts (the larger, beautiful magret breasts of Foie Gras ducks) that is then hung to dry for about a week. I've salted two different breasts over night and I'm going to hang them tonight in my "cellar" (read: cheap wine fridge)  at about 60 F for 7 days.  With any luck (well, a lot of luck) they will yield something very similar to prosciutto  with a cured, ham-like meat and rich velvety fat.
As I mentioned, there are two different ones. One is traditional with only kosher salt and some cracked white pepper. The other is coated in juniper and black pepper as well as salt - flavors common in ham prosciutto.
Major appoligies for the picture quality. Wile my SLR is out on repair I'm forced to use my Nokia e61i Camera Phone.
If you feel like squinting and imagining a bit, there are more pics here on flickr.