Today's Pictures Day 2 has come and gone. We had a wonderful walk around Dublin, which is quite navigable by foot. We started at Georges Quay and meandered up and down the Leffy river which bisects town. The weather has been amazing! Its about 65 and sunny and as long as you keep walking, rather warm. So we stopped back at the hotel to remove some layers and headed out to Dublin's most famous shopping street, Dawson St. Our route to Dawson and Grafton streets took us around the entirety of Trinity college. The grounds were a spectacular oasis of green within the city. Dawson and Grafton streets are both closed to automobiles and packed with pedestrians. I think it must have been destiny because the Thomas Pink store was located right on Dawson street and next to the Dawson Pub (coincidentally the smallest pub in Dublin). After some intense shopping we trudged off across St. Stephens Green to meet Suze's parents for Lunch. George Arthur's choir was in Ireland singing in various church's across town. As yesterday was their last day here, and last show, we only had time for a lunch. But what a lunch! There is a distinct emphasis in Ireland on health and organic eating. We dined at Unicorn, an upscale Italian joint, that specialized in organic meat and produce. I gorged on calfs kidneys and some Italian beer. Suze had the most incredible mozzerella and prosciutto that I'd ever tasted. After lunch we took another stroll up Grafton St and Suze found her Mecca. The store was labeled "farm house goods" but in reality it was a cheese lovers dream. The proprietor took great pride and time helping us taste various Irish cheeses. I had some of the best cheddar I'd ever tasted and some fabulous goats milk cheese as well. Suze imbibed them all with a zealots fervor. We bought enough to keep our hotel room stinky and stocked for sometime. In the evening we strolled around the Leffy and ended up at the octagon Bar in the Clarence hotel. The Clarence is owned by U2 frontman Bono, but was not at all what one would expect from a rock star. It was elegant and subdued with simple wood paneling and an almost stark decor. We then walked down to The Brazen Head Pub, Dublin's oldest pub. We had a simple dinner and a few pints and then hit Temple Bar for a nighcap...Ok... More pints and some live music. Today was both trying and relaxing. We slept in then cought a cab to the Dublin airport to pick up our rental car. Hertz was predictably disappointing. After botching our reservation by a day, we were told we could not have the car we reserved because I am not 30. We alo had to pay (a lot) more for insurance but would still have a $1,500.00 deductible... Because I'm not 30. We walked out. After some googleing we found an Irish car company who was more than happy to rent to us, complete with full coverage. After my "incident" in Australia we didn't want to take any chances. So, we are picking that car up tomorrow and headed to Belfast. Tonight we are headed to restaurant Patrick Guilbert, one of Ireland's only Michelin 3 star restaurants. As usual, there are pictures in the Ireland 05 library on the left.