Today's Photos The Guinness "Store House" is the number one tourist destination in Ireland. It sits on 65 acres in the middle of Dublin and is a juggernaut of multimedia, malted barley and marketing. Though it was neat to be at the home of the best brew in the world, it was a little overwhelming.... That was until Susan worked some magic. Suze talked Trish, the bartender at one of the many bars inside the Store House, into teaching us to pour the 'perfect pint'. In exchange for the price of a few stouts, we were allowed to come behind the bar and learn the tricks of the trade. Maybe its the idea of being so close to the source or maybe its just the jetlag, but those were the best Guinnesses either of us had ever had! At 7th floor there is a circular, glass-enclosed bar that offers the best views of Dublin. Continuing in our tradition of having beers at the top of tall buildings, Suze and I had one last pint before heading back to get ready for dinner. Guinness truly is a way of life here, its frequently served like water for every meal. It would not be uncommon to see someone having a 1/2 pint at breakfast with eggs and bacon! The hotel has complementary oysters and (you guessed it) Guinness every night- the two being somewhat ubiquitous. Throughout town there are roving black vans with the conspicuous gold harp and lettering denoting them as "Guinness Quality Control". At any time, they may pop into any pub that serves Guinness (basically any building in Ireland) to inspect, clean and certify the product from keg to glass. If Guinness is the ruling body of Ireland, these are its ambassadors. We are going to post pictures every day to the site. Make sure to check each folder in the Ireland photo library!