Not a lot to report today except for some reduction in the pain. I have discovered that 'keeping in front of the pain' means taking the meds before you need them. As long as I set some reminders, then it seems to be much more manageable. Physical therapy - electro shock

Yesterday was my first dose of physical therapy. Given my limited understanding of whats to come, yesterday's PT was rather mild. The best part was getting the bulky dressings off. Besides just being able to flex and breath a bit, it means that the pad from the ice machine is closer to the joint and considerably more effective. We covered a few basic exercises including quad flexing, heal pushes and ankle pumps. Its remarkable how much you muscles atrophy in a short period of time - at this point I cannot lift my leg without help. Two weeks ago I was squatting 400lbs at the gym... pretty stark juxtaposition.

As the pain gets better and movement gets easier, I am looking forward to what the next 24 hours will bring. I've been cleared to bend my knee to 90 degrees which means I may be able to sit up and spend some time somewhere other than the bed.

On a sad note, I am bummed to be missing Susan's marathon this weekend. Be sure to follow her progress on twitter.