It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Dickens wasn’t exactly talking about graduate school, but he might as well have been. After two long years, Susan graduated top of her class in 2010 from The American University with a Master’s of Science in Organization Development. In 2011 she was invited to become faculty in the program, giving her more opportunities to visit Toni and George (Susan’s parents).  In January 2011, Nick started an Executive Master’s of Hospital Administration through the University of Minnesota. Somehow, we’ve still found time to have some fun.

Susan traveled for work: England, Ireland and Spain. Nick was asked to speak a few times: Colorado, Las Vegas, Palo Alto, Chicago. Together we skied everywhere that had snow and a hill.

The early cold months of 2011 gave Susan time to perfect her passion for brewing. In January, she began Suze Brews - a very limited release of some seriously premium beers.

Summer gave us an opportunity to come together. George (Nick’s dad) was diagnosed with a tumor on his common bile duct. After a complicated surgery,  with his strength and your thoughts and well wishes, he’s doing great!

Between papers, dog training, and half marathon training, we’ve also found time to keep our 1973 Series III Land Rover on the road. This summer, we tackled the Mid-Atlantic Land Rover Rally with our friends, the Thews. It was four days of mud, Rovers and fun in the wilds of central Virginia. Ippa had a blast!

In the fall, Susan and Rosemary (Nick’s Mom) finished the Richmond half marathon with record times. Nick is training for the Monument 10K in 2012. Together, we started this vegan thing in September. Collectively, our belts are looser, steps lighter and hearts happier. What a year!

Thank you for being a part of our life. Here’s to seeing you more in 2012!


Nick ,          Susan,                Ippa,       Turley        &       Sydney