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bedroom before




Note: these two shots were taken from roughly the same place looking the same direction. The one on the left is from April of 2004 and the one on the right was taken in April 2007...   The walls are actually bone white, but I've taken some of these with a very long exposure since it was late in the evening and we were low on natural light. 

Wow, what a difference some paint can make! We spent the weekend covering the bedroom in a fresh coat of paint. It was a lot of hard work but just compare where we were 3 years ago with today. We're almost done and that means its almost time for a big party!

You can find all the pictures from this weekend here (including some of the work in progress). Or you can just cick the flickr badge or photo link on the right.  You mayalso click here for a slideshow.

  April 2004
April 2007