If you know me then you know I'm a zealot about Apple hardware, including the MacBook laptop. Don't get me wrong, I really love these things, but I've got a few gripes. In the spirit of Merlin Mann's 5ives (although I'm serious here people) I present:

Top 4 things that I hate about Mac Laptop

  1. The random sleep/restart thing - sometimes it sleeps, sometimes it just reboots...sometimes it comes back on, sometimes not
  2. The network disk thing - its just a network disk, why lock up the entire OS trying to mount it? Why do I have to lose the mount when I sleep (or restart, see #1)
  3. The wake up and lock up thing - why does the login window have to take 3 minutes when waking (assuming it didn't reboot, see #1)
  4. The lack of a way to sync a home directory - without a server in the mix (and and Apple OS X server to boot) there is no easy way to sync your home directory on the laptop with your desktop

Still all in all, I'll continue to buy MacBooks and I still love Apple hardware and OS X. I've just been tackling some issues lately involved with some pretty geeky stuff and I think Apple is really close to getting it right. Of course, if this was a list about Windows laptops then it might be my top 500 gripes....