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On rebooting dinner

I’ve been vegan for over three years. Two conversations today made me think about my diet. First, despite having a deficit of calories, I’ve gained a few pounds. Secondly, I’m missing that feeling I used to have of boundless energy. I’ve gotten lazy. A lot —too many —of my calories come from things like tofu sausages, or faux ground meat (which is awesome as a burrito filling). Too few calories come from whole plants, leafy greens, legumes and other planty stuff.

So I’m rebooting my food.

Here’s tonight’s menu:

trio of stuff in my fridge


  • Charred golden beets + mint honey “vinaigrette”
  • Fennel & apple + thai peppers + dill + grapefruit
  • Broccolini & fiddle head ferns + ramps in pickled ramp liquor

vinaigrette beetsbroc