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HOWTO for hospitals: host a live MedX viewing for patients and staff

UntitledI've written before about Stanford's Medicine X event. It's a rare breed - a conference to which I feel a deep emotional connection. Those of us closely connected to MedX often say its where magic happens. I don't know any other event like it; with it's energetic empowered ePatients, innovative partners like IDEO and an anchoring academic medicine focus.

I remain convinced it is the most important event healthcare executives are not attending. Look, I get it. Payment changes are coming, volumes are down, we're all scrambling to get on top of HCAHPS...who has time?

Then again, how can you afford not to be a Medicine X? Why are we sitting in meetings to talk about raising patient satisfaction scores when the top ePatient minds and participatory medicine speakers are convening in a few short weeks?

But, I'm aware not everyone can drop what they are doing. So if you cannot make it to Palo Alto in September, my suggestion is to register for the Global Access Program - it's a free way to view the conference live over the internet.

Here's my HOWTO for hospital leaders:

  • Register for MedX Global Access
  • Get a large TV or projector + good audio system
  • Wheel the TV or projector into your cafeteria or lobby
  • Launch the stream
  • Invite patients, families, staff, leaders and medical staff to come watch

Easy, right?