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Best. Run. Ever

Untitled I'd like to tell you the best 3.2 miles I've ever run was my 5K PR. I should probably at least say it was the last three hellish miles (plus that nasty point two) of a marathon. But no, it was tonight's run.

"Look, Nick, the MRI shows some early arthritis and your meniscus is funky, but I don't see anything majorly wrong...if you are pain-free, then let's try running and see." That was the call from my doctor at 4:33 PM today.

I've been worried I wouldn't come back. I've been worried I wouldn't still enjoy running. What if I don't still love it and want to do it? What if I can't even run a mile?

Questions answered:

My pace and heart rate were all over the place. But hey, don't call it a comeback, right?

It felt like flying. No, I'm a pilot, I know of flying. It felt even better. It felt like the first stress-free, decompressing, I'll-be-ok moment of the last three months.

Tonight, my knee is still tender. That's ok. I celebrated with loud Springsteen and quinoa for dinner. It'll be a long road back, but it's nice to know the feeling is still there.


Diagnose Nick's knee (part 4)

Diagnose Nick's knee (part 4)


Well, it's that time of the year again. Time to diagnose knee and leg pain. Step right up folks and spin the wheel.  

Symptoms: mild to moderate knee pain during running, transitioned into acute pain in leg.

Studies: Bone scan showed bone growth in lower femur, suggesting fractured femur.

Theory: Knee issue cased change in gait, resulting in fractured femur.

So...what's the cause of the knee pain? Meniscus? Tibial plateau fracture? Age?

View the MRI series as a video here.