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From Elsewhere: Insourcing Health Care Innovation — NEJM

Best argument I've seen for the creation of internal, embedded innovation centers to promote design-thinking as a culture in health systems. Insourcing Health Care Innovation — NEJM.

Insourcing Health Care Innovation — NEJM


Many health care profession- als find it irritating when management gurus recommend solving health care’s problems with approaches they would “copy and paste” from unrelated industries ...


...Health care is not a single problem but thousands of problems, and rather than seeking a solution derived from other fields, we’d do better to find a solution process to use from within.... 


...Forward-thinking health systems understand the obligation to improve value. Health care can benefit from outside perspectives in this endeavor, but clinicians have the requisite drive, experience, and context to be productive innovators. If we adapt and internalize proven innovation principles from other fields, much effective innovation can come from within.