really, running. I've started trying simple experiments when i run. partly its a way to pass time and partly its a chance to see if small changes work. For instance, i noticed i clench my right arm and wrist more than my left, upon which i wear my watch. so, I switched my watch to my right arm. it helped.

My favorite observation, to date, is the physiological effect of smiling. whether it's a speed workout (fartlek as they say, and how fun is it to say fartlek?) or my weekly LSD (long, slow, distance) run, the end always feels hard. So I've been trying something - smiling. When I feel myself slowing, slinking, crashing, I force a smile. I go for a big cheesy grin. sometimes I even chuckle. Lately the laughing just seems to happen, unforced.

The result is amazing. Its like a bolus of energy. I straighten up, I speed up (data from watch shows it) and my form resets.

Makes me wonder: when else would smiling have a positive effect? probably like all the time, right?